Security measures assessed with audit

With a security audit, your security and safety measures are assessed and tested for
compliance and effectiveness. Depending on your wishes, our consultants set up new audits, optimise your existing audits or carry out the audits using audit software.

Fast and consistent. With the help of the software, we can also draw up benchmarks in which different audits in time and/or from similar locations are compared with each other.

  1. 1
    A risk simulation is a specific form of audit (similar to the well-known penetration tests from
    the IT sector) in which various criminal attack scenarios are executed. An expert and
    experienced test team performs the simulation and assesses the extent to which the
    technical measures and the people in the organisation do what they are supposed to do.

    A risk simulation provides insight into the coherence of the security measures taken and thus
    into the actual security level of a company.
  2. 2
    If you periodically need a security coordinator, you can have one of our specialists (on a
    subscription basis). A security manager that you can deploy as needed and to whom you
    can delegate security tasks and responsibilities.

    At your locations, the security coordinator ensures that organisational measures are properly
    complied with and, if necessary, adjusts this immediately. The security coordinator also
    checks whether all technical measures are still in order. And in the event of a change in
    circumstances, he advises whether it is wise to adjust measures, train employees or set out
    actions to increase security awareness among employees.

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