Serviced Residences by Djenee


Project Description

Djenee presents a fantastic offer for residences with or without outdated security and reception services.

About Property Powered by Djenee

Our digital and physical concierge service will be available for your property residents. We will be providing them top-notch concierge services like at a high class hotel, we call it home service powered by Djenee.

Djenee can also act as a SPOC (Singel point of contact)  facility service and quality partner as we will make sure all third-party suppliers and partners do their respective job at the property according to specification. This way Djenee will make sure value for money is obtained in all ongoing and one-off engagements.

How can our Serviced residences by Djenee help you?

The concept of the real estate development highlights modern urban living, enabled by smart services through an onsite concierge and personal digital concierge (Djenee) where we will provide all services and products requested by all residents and its visitors. Djenee will enable a variety of goods and services on demand, through an application available on mobile phones and the web

– Dinner reservations:
– Handling deliveries, both incoming and outgoing:
– Monitors security cameras and the lobby area:
– Housekeeping: Djenee concierge can schedule housekeeping for you, so you can come home to a clean home
– Quality assurance of facility management engagements are carried out as instructed
– Reservations

How can we upgrade our properties to Djenee and how much does this cost?

Contact us to find out more.

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