Commercial Cleaning Done Right!

With years of cleaning experience, we have invested in both our team and the latest modern technology to bring you the best results possible. We cover multiple spaces including:

     - Residential

     - Commercial

     - Industrial

     - Government


(i) Dispenser Monitoring – facility systems to keep the right levels (soaps and sanitisers) 

(ii) Air Quality Monitoring – to protect the facility user/visitors from harmful and unpleasant gases in the air by notifying on the immediate action plan.

(iii) Smart Toilet – sensor-based solution to monitor cleanliness levels and alert cleaners on a real time basis.

Facade Cleaning

We understand how tough it is to keep the exterior portion of your buildings clean, but someone has to do it. Our team at Djenee is fully equipped and skilled to keep your windows squeaky clean.

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200 Jalan Sultan #08-08
Textile Centre Singapore 199018
Tel No.: +65 6721 7178
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm

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