Redefining customer experience in the connected world

Company Background

Djenee is the solution for every person or business that need or want help with anything they can not or do not want to do themselves. The modern life is very hectic and most people have more things to do than they have time in a day to do it. Djenee can instead buy, deliver or fix any product or service for you, at home or at work.


By offering Djenee Concierge Services , we help businesses and property owners to become more attractive towards their employees and tenants, and create a good balance in the daily life of the individual.



An On demand concierge service solution for your any company

Helping company employees managing their private tasks and to achieve work life balance

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Pär has had a childhood dream to use and build a service that could help anyone with anything they wanted.

Since the mid 90s been working with internet and technology ventures providing management and IT Management consulting to digital startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, advising and consulting on how to build global service and support organisations. Always striving for a better service delivery and support to the customer.



Jonny has over 20 years in the service industry, and it’s pretty much in his DNA.

He has built world class Service Desks for the financial industry and always delivered happy customers. Having a large family and network of friends, Jonny was the go-to guy that everyone went to 24/7 when they needed help, advice or technical support. He knew how to get things done –– and fast. Basically a Djenee in real life.


So when we got together to talk about building a service that could help everyone at anytime, everything clicked. We saw an opportunity to bring our experience in building of top-of-class IT service desk capabilities together with tenacious problem-solving skills to fulfil wishes of people everywhere in the world, like a Genie.


A simple and easy set up solution offering your employees qualitative concierge services at a low cost

Add prestige to your company or property, make sure to manage your talent and strengthen your internal and external brand



Any office environment of today is dependent on technology for its operation. Djenee offers full product cycle management of your office tools and appliances. We are taking care of your sourcing, offers recommendations, technical service and support as well as employee training and education. Djenee is making sure that your risk for down time is kept at it’s minimum whilst making sure that your employees has access to the right equipment with the right maintenance. Always available when needed.



With your own dedicated service person on site, you will have full in house access to Djenees capabilities,

combined with a work role function such as a receptionist or facility manager. At the same time as we take responsibility for administrative work tasks, we are always ready to act on any service request that may rise, acting as the natural go to point for any task that lies outside the core scope of your business – freeing up resources by allowing you employees to concentrate on their jobs.


We make sure that your needs and requests are taken care of with speed and precision, whether it’s a daily recurring task or an one time specific assignment. We handle everything from stock keeping of office supplies, to making sure that your employees can stay focused on their core tasks by ensuring that their lunch is delivered, their documents or goods reaches the receiver and that their dry cleaning gets picked up.


Car rental delivered on demand

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Djenee delivers a car to your customer 24/7 wherever they are. It is delivery based on the customer needs. djenee make sure that the car is personally delivered and we handle everything from delivery to return, placing your customer needs in the front seat.



Seamless car care 

Djenee fetches your customers car anywhere at any time based on the customer's’ preferences. It is car care based on the customer needs. We make sure that the cars are personally delivered from the customer to the car service facility and back placing your customer's’ needs in the front seat. 

In car delivery

Djenee delivers any product directly to your car. We are the service layer that will allow you to focus on your core business while we fulfill your customer needs. When technology lets us deliver products directly to the customers car, whether it is food, clothes, technology or anything else you can imagine, we are there to make it happen. 

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