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We have a proven reputation for excellence, value for money, innovation and experience across the entire security spectrum. We have the skills, experience and commitment required to be your preferred partner, service provider and supplier.

Our Vision

To be the integrated security company trusted and chosen by the majority of customers in the business, commercial and industrial sectors and by business and professional residential customers.

Our Mission

  • To make business and residential communities safer and more secure places work, live and play.
  • To increase community awareness of real security issues.
  • To inform and educate our customers on the security solutions available, so that they can make the best choices to meet their needs and provide them complete peace of mind.

Core Values

At all times to deliver and ensure:

  • Value
  • Service and quality excellence
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Continual improvement and innovation
  • Professional development
  • Social responsibility

About Djenee

Djenee is a system integrator and offers innovative, but more importantly effective and user-friendly security solutions. We integrate access management, intrusion detection, video surveillance, video analysis, fire detection and other security systems.

Djenee is a thought leader
with a strong focus on delivering results for the client. Djenee the name itself is a gateway to provision of effective and dynamic security service establishes to serve the industries

Djenee distinguishes itself by developing security solutions that truly make a difference, that minimise risks and are specific to your situations.
We use carefully selected, innovative products and complement these, if necessary, with custom made components. Thus, contributing to the continuity of your organisation.

Benefits of Security


We commit to your security, take responsibility and manage by KPIs.
Your security measures cost money. So, it’s only logical that you expect a return on your
investment, besides some state-of-the-art technology or a well-planned procedure. Make it
measurable! We look forward to helping your security organisation with establishing KPIs
and assist you in achieving your goals. We use monitoring tools that give us constant
feedback, enabling us to make adjustments in case something is off track.
Moreover, Djenee partners with software developed the SMART methods that guarantee a
consistent and flawless conceptualisation and implementation of your security. All of this
allows us to take responsibility and truly be a partner for you.


Optimally secured, you can comfortably focus on your core processes.
Djenee always makes sure a security solution does what it’s supposed to. Even after the
installation, we keep a close eye on your security.
From our Remote Operation Centre, we monitor your systems. If it turns out something is off
track – e.g. if batteries are low, camera footage is below par or a sensor is defective – our
specialists will be on it. Remotely, if possible, so the environment is spared and money is saved.
Thanks to our continuous monitoring, you will always have your security systems performing
optimally so you can comfortably focus on your core processes.


Security shouldn’t impede your organization, but support your daily operation.
A good security solution should keep the delay on your operational processes to a minimum;
and preferably not delay at all! Also, a good security solution always exists out of carefully
balanced organizational, structural and electronic elements. Before we start conceptualizing
your security solution, we listen closely to your wishes and requirements and delve into your
risks and processes. This ensures that the solution we offer you will always seamlessly
match your organization and its risks. The interrelationship between the solution’s different
components is also taken into account. All in all, you will get a balanced and fine-tuned
security solution that supports your operational processes, instead of impeding them.


Data from security technology delivers insight in risks, (near) incidents and performance.

Integrated security systems can cooperate and exchange information. This information will
make you aware of the risks surrounding your organisation, so you can forehandedly
anticipate them. Besides, integration has many practical advantages. You can be informed
about (near) incidents and the performance of your systems. In the advanced Physical
Security Information Management (PSIM) systems, extensive security procedures can be
implemented and alarms can be settled automatically.


Well planned and implemented security will work preventively and decrease the number of
Which is what you want. Less disturbance to your daily operation. Our seasoned security
experts will map out relevant risks and work closely together with you to establish a set of
security measures that will optimally mitigate these risks. On top of that smart systems will
provide insight, based on knowledge and experience from the past. The technology will
actively help you predict trends, to which you can respond preventively. Your employees will
feel safe in the workplace, because we – you and us – have done the right things and done
things right.


To define and implement effective security solutions, we at Djenee work with DJIESS (Best
practices for Implementing Effective Security Solutions). We recorded our past experiences,
analysed our successes and mistakes and mapped out environmental factors, critical
success factors and the applicable laws and regulations and translated them into smart and
effective solutions, practical matters (such as tips and forms) and a structured project
approach. This gives you a security solution that does what it's supposed to do and fits your
needs, set goals, and specific circumstances. DJIESS also contributes to a silent

According to the agreed schedule and without overlooking anything.

Services by Djenee

A comprehensive security solution with a customer service mindset to give you a peace of mind while protecting you

and your property.

Our team of security consultants are well-equipped with the knowledge to help you with any future or existing projects.

With the arrival of PDPA, our team is able to advise corporate entities on compliance with regards to the latest PDPA rules.

We work with a team of hospitality professionals who came from various 5-star hotels and top airlines to offer you top-notch customer service.

We make sure that both your residential and commercial properties are kept clean with our team of experienced cleaners.

A single point of contact to manage multiple services. Save cost by running your facilities under one smart system

Working Partners of Djenee

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